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Wall Mount Storage Cabinets

Vertex Engineering Works has earned its reputation as a leading manufacturer of wall-mount storage cabinets with its dedication to fine craftsmanship and creative storage solutions. Vertex Engineering Works creates these cabinets, which combine practical functionality and visual attractiveness to satisfy the varied storage requirements of different places and sectors. Precision engineering, robust materials, and a painstaking manufacturing process yield superior wall-mounted storage solutions, demonstrating the company's expertise in this field.

The following salient features establish Vertex Engineering Works as the industry leader in Wall Mount Storage Cabinet production:

  • Sector Leadership: As the industry's foremost producer, Vertex Engineering Works is a well-known name in the Wall Mount Storage Cabinets sector.
  • Fine Craftsmanship: Vertex Engineering Works' dedication to providing superior storage solutions is evident in the cabinets' precise and finely constructed design.
  • Creative Design: Wall Mount Storage Cabinets from Vertex Engineering Works have creative designs that meet a range of storage requirements while maximizing available space and offering useful functionality.
  • Versatility: The cabinets' flexibility to diverse surroundings is demonstrated by their suitability for a range of applications, from offices and residential areas to industrial settings.
  • Optimal Space Utilization: The Wall Mount Storage Cabinets' design places a strong emphasis on making the most use of available space while offering dependable, well-organized storage options for a variety of goods and materials.
  • Durable Materials: To ensure the lifespan and strength of their Wall Mount Storage Cabinets, Vertex Engineering Works uses durable materials during the manufacturing process.

Vertex Engineering Works' Wall Mount Storage Cabinets are designed to maximize space efficiency while offering safe and well-organized storage. These cabinets are renowned for their robustness and adaptability, whether they are utilized in commercial or home settings. Vertex Engineering Works is positioned as a dependable and trustworthy supplier for high-quality Wall Mount Storage Cabinets that satisfy the needs of efficiency and organization in a variety of applications due to the company's attention to fulfilling the changing storage requirements of its clients.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Craftsman Tool Cabinets


VERTEX Engineering Works, based in India, takes great pride in introducing itself as a global leader in the manufacturing and export of TOOL CABINET, TOOL TROLLEY, Industrial Storage Systems, Pinch Valves, and Piston Valves. The company serves the market by providing a wide range of valves and storage systems that are made locally while keeping up with the most recent technological advancements and regulatory requirements. Our quality-conscious products are accepted worldwide.

Tool cabinets and chests can be utilized alone for a more straightforward storage solution or in tandem for a more roomy, personalized one. With their casters, rolling tool cabinets may roll across smooth surfaces and transfer tools about an office. To increase storage capacity, rolling tool cabinets are paired with side cabinets and lockers.

Well-liked storage options for professional and do-it-yourselfers alike, Craftsman Tool Cabinets are made to arrange and protect tools. These cabinets are a part of the larger collection of tool storage devices made by Craftsman, which is renowned for its dependability, functionality, and high quality.

Craftsman Tool Cabinets have several important characteristics, such as:

Create Quality: Steel and other sturdy materials are frequently used in the construction of craftsman tool cabinets. This sturdy construction guarantees durability and shields the tools from damage.

Structure and Design:To hold a variety of tools, these cabinets frequently have drawers in different sizes and arrangements. The design prioritizes organization for effective tool access and storage capacity maximization.

Range of Sizes: Tool cabinets from Craftsman come in a range of sizes, from small cabinets that fit small tool collections to bigger cabinets that can hold huge tool sets.

Tool Interoperability: A range of instruments, including hand tools, power tools, and accessories, can be stored in the cabinets. To tailor storage for particular instruments, it is possible to include foam inserts and adjustable partitions.

Whether used in commercial workshops or garages, Craftsman Tool Cabinets offer durability, organization, and simple access to tools.It's wise to check product specs and user reviews before committing to a certain model to be sure it will fulfill your storage requirements.

Friday, May 12, 2023

Industrial Workbenches with Drawers

  • Introduction:

We are now going to expose you to our unique line of Industrial Workbenches with Drawers, which will help your employees and workers be more productive. We are a reputable producer, supplier, and exporter of high-quality industrial Workbenches with drawers that are appropriate and meet all of your needs.

  • Industrial Workbenches with Drawers:

Industrial workbenches with drawers are heavy-duty work surfaces designed for use in industrial settings. These workbenches typically feature a sturdy frame made of steel or other durable materials, as well as one or more drawers for storing tools and equipment.

The drawers in industrial workbenches are designed to provide convenient storage and easy access to tools and equipment. They may be equipped with locks or other security features to prevent unauthorized access, and may feature dividers or other organizational tools to help keep tools and equipment organized.

They are often used in manufacturing, assembly, and repair operations where workers need a stable and durable surface for working on equipment or products. They may also be used in laboratories, research facilities, and other settings where precision work is required.

When choosing an industrial workbench with drawers, it is important to consider factors such as size, weight capacity, and durability. The workbench should be large enough to accommodate the intended use, and should be able to support the weight of tools and equipment without bending or breaking.

The following are some characteristics of industrial workbenches with drawers:

  • Heavy-duty construction: Industrial workstations with drawers are typically made from sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum to withstand heavy use and provide a stable work surface.
  • Multiple drawers: These workstations usually have multiple drawers for storing tools and equipment, which are often lockable to provide security.
  • Weight capacity: The weight capacity of an industrial workstation with drawers is an important consideration, as it needs to be able to support the weight of tools, equipment, and materials.
  • Adjustable height: Some industrial workstations with drawers may have an adjustable height feature to accommodate workers of different heights and allow for comfortable and ergonomic working positions.
  • Surface finish: The surface of the workstation may have a non-slip or anti-fatigue surface finish to provide a safe and comfortable working environment.

Overall, they are an essential tool for many industrial and manufacturing operations, providing a durable and convenient work surface that can withstand heavy use and help workers stay organized and efficient.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Tools Display Rack


A tools display rack is a type of shelving or fixture that is used to display and organize tools in a retail or commercial setting. These racks are designed to showcase tools in an attractive and organized manner, making it easy for customers to find what they need and make a purchase.

It can come in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of different applications. Some racks may be designed to hold specific types of tools, such as wrenches or screwdrivers, while others may be more general-purpose and able to hold a wide range of tools.

The materials used to make tools display racks can vary depending on the specific application and budget. Common materials include metal, wood, and plastic. Metal racks are often the most durable and long-lasting, while wood and plastic racks may be more affordable and customizable.

Features of tools display racks can include adjustable shelves, hooks, and pegs to accommodate different types and sizes of tools. Some racks may also have built-in signage or branding to help promote the tools and increase visibility in a retail setting.

Overall, tools display racks are an important component of any retail or commercial setting that sells tools. They help to showcase the tools in an attractive and organized manner, making it easy for customers to find what they need and make a purchase.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Industrial Tool Cabinet


Vertex Engineering Works are distinguished suppliers in India. Our product range has been widely accepted throughout the world by a host of esteemed manufacturers in Industrial Tool Cabinet comes with tubular handles and heavy duty casters that can carry loads of 800kg. VERTEX Industrial Tool Cabinet is powder coated and you can choose from 4 attractive colors.

The industrial Tool Cabinet is an important role in safely storing tools and small components. Our product exclusive Heavy Duty Tool Cabinets are designed using best grade material which therefore results in flawless output. As the structures are widely used for a variety of handling applications, we respond to storage demands from industries such as automotive, beverage, engineering, pharmaceuticals and many more.

These industrial tool cabinets are available in various specifications and designs to satisfy customer requirements. Industrial Tool Locker is a tool storage system that has multiple drawers with a load capacity of up to 200 kg UDL. Our cabinets feature optimum storage space with the offered drawers this cabinet is gaining wide acclaim for its user friendly performance.

Industrial Tool Cabinet Features:-

  • Centralized Locking Arrangement With 3 Keys 
  • Powder Coating Finish Colour. 
  • cylindrical lock with flexible key  
  • locking with key lock and folding key 
  • Drawer loading capacity 35-100kg UDL.

Attributes of Industrial Tool Cabinet:- 

  • Tool cabinet saves 50-70% of space requirements by storing high density drawers. 
  • Safety in every feature. Industrial tool cabinet is equipped with a unique entitled device with central locking. 
  • It will save more than 50% in wasted labor compared to a normal shelving installation. 
  • The modular drawers are available in 10 different heights from 50 to 300mm.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Industrial Tool Trolley

We Vertex Engineering Works are a distinguished Industrial Tool Trolley manufacturer, suppliers in India. Industrial Tool Trolley comes with tubular handles and heavy duty casters that can carry loads of 800kg. Tool Trolley has 2 front swivel castors with breaks and 2 rears castor fix type. VERTEX Industrial Tool Trolley is powder coated and you can choose from 4 attractive colors.

The Industrial Tool Trolley is used in all industries such as Automobile, Defense, Electronics, General Engineering, Machinery Manufacturer, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, R. & D for storing tools and inventories. Moreover, we provide this Industrial tool trolley in different sizes, shapes, and colors and customers can avail our industrial tool trolley in industry leading very responsible prices.

Silent Features

  • Long service life
  • Smooth Finish
  • High capacity drawers available
  • centralized locking system

Technical Specifications:

Vertex  Industrial tool trolley (VTTR)
Drawer combination
575w x 717d x 1000h
A :100 mm 3nos
C :150 mm2nos,
B : 75mm 4 nos,
D : 75mm 2nos & 150mm 1nos.
E :100 mm 7nos
G : 75 mm 4nos & 100 4nos.
F : 100 mm 4nos & 150mm 2nos
H : 75 mm 2nos ,100mm 4nos & 150mm 1nos.
600w x 600d x 1000h
A :100 mm 7nos
C : 75 mm 4nos & 100 4nos.
B : 100 mm 4nos & 150mm 2nos
D : 75 mm 2nos ,100mm 4nos & 150mm 1nos.
700w x 717d x 1000h
A :100 mm 7nos
C : 75 mm 4nos & 100 4nos.
B : 100 mm 4nos & 150mm 2nos
D : 75 mm 2nos ,100mm 4nos & 150mm 1nos.

Wall Mount Storage Cabinets

Vertex Engineering Works has earned its reputation as a leading manufacturer of wall-mount storage cabinets with its dedication to fine craf...